Craps or dice - an example of a very old, but popular to this day, gambling. It has almost all the casino has a lot of fans, and can easily argue that with a tape measure.

The history of craps vague, since the game there for a long time. According to one version, craps, used to entertain soldiers in the Crusades, and the game was called Passion (from the English. - Hazard, Knight).

Favorite millions, dice (craps) is positioned as an aristocratic casino game. To understand its rules is not difficult, the problem would be to remember the rates, which is an incredible amount, and all are valued differently.

In craps there is a distinctive feature - a large field of betting where the player can swing by making just a dozen bets on one game.  Similarly, roulette, where they play on the even-odd and red-black, there is a craps bet on the Pass Line and Don't Pass Line, i.e winning or losing player, respectively.  They are always beneficial, as a chance to win for them is 1 to 2. The same description can be given rates Come and Don't Come. These rates, combined with the rate of Odds Bet are giving the best results.

There are rules that do not know much at the time of craps, as they are implied. So it is now time to learn them before you start to play if you're a novice or a beginner. In general, these rules cause that all the gamblers act in a relaxed, which helps a lot to game development.

For example, in the first place, we advise you to never touch the dice with both hands. Likewise also passes from hand to hand. Note that if you do this, can be considered as a synonym for cheating. For this reason, once you've chosen the dice with his hand, all you can do is throw when you choose. As data added, remember that you must pick up the dice with the hand that used to throw.

On the other hand, when throw the dice, make sure the shot is strong and that it reaches the other end of the table, otherwise it void and that generated some discomfort in the other gamblers. Keep in mind that I have seen this attitude in some players, who are just playing and get a little nervous.